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Sarajevo Maglajska 1
Mostar Gojka Vukovića 8b Ured u Mostaru
Banja Luka Vase Pelagića 2
Tuzla Solni trg bb
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Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla
Leading software development company in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 30 global, long-term projects with partner companies from the US and Europe.
Mistral is an awarded hybrid working environment that produces excellent results, as we've demonstrated time and again since our beginnings in 2010. Today our portfolio includes more than 30 global clients.

Our products range from web and mobile applications to complex back-end solutions. Combining the latest technologies with meticulously crafted user experience and rigorous testing, we make sure that our products work and feel flawless and smooth.

We use agile software development for maximum speed and efficiency, following OEM standards and guidelines and delivering excellent products at all times.

Our values of People First, Culture of Trust, and Passion for Growth are at the heart of all company decision-making, making our culture inviting, safe, and work-life balance friendly. As an awarded employer, we're proud to say that 300+ professionals choose Mistral every day and that our retention rate is among the highest ones in the country – 98.4%. 

Our story

Mistral is the result of a genuine effort of two very unconventional partners who share strong feelings about the local community and everything digital. After their fair share of working around the globe, they noticed how software development in other companies is mostly done externally and across time zones. Even then, finding the right talent was hard.

Aware that BiH professionals have a technically curious mind, stellar work ethic, and a strong aesthetic sense, Mistral’s founders decided to open our first development office in 2010 in Sarajevo. This move gave many local tech professionals a chance to act globally from their home country. The opening of the Mostar development hub followed in 2019 and Banja Luka and Tuzla in 2022.

Our clients range from enterprises to funded startups, and come from various industries: entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, fintech, banking, retail, transport, energy, and insurance, to name a few.

Clients refer to us as business partners as we consult them every step of the way. This way of work requires experts who are constantly on their top game. We’re lucky to have 300+ such individuals on board. Building a strong culture that enables their growth is our prime mission. That’s where our core values “People First”, “Culture of Trust”, and “Passion for Growth” play a vital part. Our every move is tailored with them in mind. Finding a way to simultaneously meet these two imperatives (business + culture) was not easy, but we made it possible through our customized organization.

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