Praksa u Atlantbh - novi ciklus 2022

Praksa u Atlantbh - novi ciklus 2022

Praksa Edukacija
02.09.2022. / 02.09.2022.

IT kompanija Atlantbh organizuje novi ciklus prakse, tokom kojeg možete steći iskustvo i savladati vještine programiranja, radeći na stvarnim projektima. U nastavku pročitajte koje pozicije su dostupne, te kako se prijaviti:


This cycle of the ABH Internship will be organized in a hybrid work model, depending on interns' location and preferences.

Internship programs

Full-stack Web development (3 interns)

The intern will develop a full-stack application using cutting-edge technologies and best coding practices. RESTful web services are developed using back-end technologies based on Java programming language and frameworks, such as Play or Spring (Boot).

The application’s front-end will be developed using React or Angular framework. The intern has the opportunity to familiarise themselves with other interesting concepts during the different stages of software development including GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, AWS, Junit, Design patters, MVC and CI. The project will cover work with relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, as well as communication with external APIs.

Automation testing for web applications (2 interns)

The intern will work on the validation of a web application, which involves designing and creating test cases, as well as their subsequent implementation. They will learn what it means to provide different kinds of tests (smoke, regression, API…) in order to assure quality.

The intern will have the opportunity to work using an agile methodology and use popular technologies and programming/scripting languages, such as Java, Selenium, Git, Postman and Jenkins.

DevOps (1 intern)

By the end of the internship, the intern will be acquainted with tools necessary for setting up and managing Continuous Integration and automated deployment processes (i.e. bash scripting, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Github Actions, Azure DevOps, etc), as well as cloud computing infrastructure management (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc).

Data Analytics (2 interns)

The intern will work on the interpretation, analysis, modelling and visualisation of data. They will learn how to highlight useful information in the form of a report and presentation.

During this process, the intern will have the opportunity to learn about different statistical technologies. Whilst performing various analysis tasks with mentor’s guidance intern will have a chance to get familiar with various tools, including (but not limited to): Python, R, PostGIS, QGIS, etc.

UI/UX Design (1 intern)

The intern will be given the chance to learn how to specify and design user experience and user interfaces for web applications while using the most relevant design processes in the industry. Additionally, the intern will be given a chance to acquaint themselves with the design toolkit (Figma), as well as experience the collaboration with the development team.


The ABH Internship assumes familiarity with the principles of “object oriented programming” and also knowledge of relational and non-relational databases, however there are no specific criteria on which candidates are selected as Atlantbh takes into consideration various factors in the selection process. Atlantbh understands that the internship is not intended as a programming school and that some interns will be experiencing certain technologies for the first time.

Please note, only unemployed applicants that hold BH citizenship will be taken into consideration.


Mentor - Each intern will be paired with a mentor who will provide guidance to ensure the successful completion of the allocated program.

Feedback - The intern will have the opportunity to present their work on a monthly basis to receive feedback on various aspects of their work.

Presentations - Experienced engineers from Atlantbh will hold presentations for interns. Topics will cover technologies and practices they use on daily basis.

Deadline for submitting the application is Sunday, 11.09.2022. at 23.59 (midnight).

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