Wordpress Developer

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Datum objave: 24.06.2021.

JobRack is looking for a Wordpress Developer on behalf of their clients 

📑 - Wordpress development support to our clients

💰 - $15-20 per hour
💻 - Work for a US company

✔️ - Excellent spoken and written English

📈 - Mid-level - Senior Role

🎯 - Full-time

⏰ - Flexible working hours

📍 - Work from home or anywhere you prefer

This role will be interacting with the CTO, Director of Operations and Chief Design Officer.

Your main responsibilities as a Wordpress Developer will include:

  • Making structural changes to existing WordPress sites. Following the existing look-and-feel of the site, updating the site's template and CSS structure (not simply installing a plugin) and testing these changes at all mobile sizes, and in all modern browsers.
  • Coordinating the deployment and testing of changes to production environments.
  • Installing and configuring Newfangled's plugins on existing WordPress sites and styling new functional elements to match the existing look-and-feel of the existing site.
  • Troubleshooting issues and answering questions that other developers have about the prior installation and functionality of Newfangled's plugins.
  • Assisting in the growth and support of Newfangled's proprietary plugins.
  • Implementing HTML email templates for Newfangled's clients.


We are only interested in candidates looking to become a long-term member of a small creative team.

The tech stack and skills of the most suitable candidate:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ability to apply existing look-and-feel to new elements using CSS
  • Experience with sites using the Gravity Forms plugin
  • 5+ years working on a number of different WordPress sites, both building and maintaining
  • Some experience working with WordPress plugins, ideally having helped create and support at least one plugin

To learn more about the role and to apply, click here