Senior Frontend Engineer

React Redux Thunk Typescript WebGL GraphQL
Datum objave: 14.01.2022.
Spread Berlin
As a Frontend Software Engineer you are actively involved in creating revolutionary user interfaces that enables engineers to seamlessly interact with the products they created. Our Front-end team is dedicated and involved in the product development from design to deployment and beyond.

The ideal candidate for this role brings the will to envision and create things in a completely new way, the confidence to exchange new ideas freely and the will to tackle problems directly.
  • Work hand in hand with the UI/UX-Designers, Backend Engineers, Architects, and Product Owner in order to create outstanding user experience 
  • Develop responsive, user-centric and performant frontend code for our Web-Application and Microservice Infrastructure 
  • Write clean, maintainable and scalable code that complies with SOLID principles 
  • Implement user stories in an agile environment 
  • Collaborate in setting goals and technical direction while ensuring that they align with the goals of the business 
  • Optimize the created components to maximize performance across the full range of supported devices/browsers 
  • Make sure the product code matches the documentation and testing (including reviews, Unit, integration, and end to end testing) 
  • Understand and leverage new frontend technology and knowhow to empower our product 
  • You have experienced the broken window effect and you work pro-actively against entropy 
  • You understand the importance of patterns and you know when to diverge from existing once and when not 
  • Embody an ownership mentality, striving to consistently generate code and features to be proud of
  • 3-5 years of web development experience working professionally with: React, Typescript, and CSS **years of experience is a guideline. UItimately your work speaks for itself and can be explored in the technical challenge** 
  • Understands how to implement UI/UX recruitments into technical product 
  • Experience building design systems 
  • Be able to predict/perceive solution strategy for implementation 
  • Experience designing and implementing reusable components 
  • Ability to plan and estimate tasks and then execute efficiently 
  • Fosters best practices by leading through example, and likes to help mentor those junior to their own position 
  • Good communication skills and fluency in English 
  • Web development experience working professionally with : Redux, and Redux Thunk 
  • Experience with the integration of customer-specific projects into a core application is a plus 
  • Experience with GraphQL, Material-UI, Websockets, E2E-Testing, openapi or 3D rendering is a plus 
  • Experience with micro-frontends and monorepos is a plus 
**Seniority level is based on performance in the technical interviews and challenges. All employees have the opportunity to elevate at the rate of skill progression**
We care about your future
  • Unlimited contract 
  • Be an owner through equity/virtual shares 
  • Optional Private Pension Scheme 
We care about your development 
  • Individual career paths 
  • €1,000 yearly budget for professional Learning & Development 
  • Be part of a competent, ambitious and fun team that inspires us to perform our best, and grow both professionally and personally
We care about respect 
  • Flat organization 
  • Solution-focused 360 degree communication and feedback
We care about serious FUN! 
  • People & Culture events such as : #SpreadOut company outings, #ThirstyThursdays where we celebrate SPREAD’s cultural diversity, #SpreadTheNews, #Lunch&Learn and so much more! 
  • 30 days of vacation
We care about innovation
  • Monthly time budget of 1 day dedicated to breaking out of daily tasks – facilitated with the Design Thinking Methodology 
  • All the tech you need (cool tech-stack, fully configured MacBook Pro, monitors, gadgets, etc.) 
  • A commitment to our Vision to change how products are created and maintained, helping a whole industry to become more sustainable!

At SPREAD, we're all engineers at heart. We firmly believe that a sustainable future is only possible through bold technological innovation. What does “we are engineers at heart” mean? We are solution-oriented by nature: we're motivated by solving problems, from even the most basic of tasks to some of the most impactful issues of our time. We are not satisfied with “that’s just the way it's done”. We are always curious about understanding how things work, and act to make them better! We embody this through our values: 

  • OBSESSED WITH OUR CUSTOMERS' SUCCESS: We believe that owning our customers long-term success is the key to establishing partnerships that last.  

  • CHALLENGE THE IMPOSSIBLE: We believe that challenging accepted processes and methods is the key to achieving solutions that are deemed impossible today.  

  • MOVE FAST FOR AMAZING OUTCOMES: We believe that there is a huge premium on creating effective teams of the best individuals for complex and inventive solutions like ours. Therefore, our culture is focused on efficient execution and flexibility that carefully balances freedom and control as well as quality and speed.  

  • OWNERSHIP MINDSET AND COMMITMENT: We believe that everybody joining SPREAD takes a long-term investment into our vision, our purpose, and the company. Consequently, everybody at SPREAD is an owner and acts as one.  

  • PASSIONATE DREAM TEAM: We believe that a dream team built on the principles of collective success, team spirit, high collaboration, long-term orientation, diversity, and well-being, creates an environment in which you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest and have the most fun. 

Our mission is to give manufacturers control of their complex engineering know-how so they can develop more innovative products more efficiently and more sustainably. 

Our end-to-end Product Intelligence Platform creates unprecedented data transparency, instant access to the right know-how, at the right time, and new approaches to human- and/or AI-driven product and process design for customers like VW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. 

Our highly skilled and passionate team is currently around 50 employees and growing, fast. With around 17 different nationalities at our HQ in Berlin, we communicate mostly in English and German. 
SPREAD is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability status, protected veteran status or socioeconomic background.