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Datum objave: 25.08.2021.
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Quality Assurance Professional Masters Training

by Senad Kulo (AgentLocator)

In November, AgentLocator, headed by Senad Kulo, Quality Assurance Manager in AgentLocator, will be organising a FREE, 12-week intensive training program for a maximum of 8 selected individuals interested in kick-starting their career as a Quality Assurance Engineer.
All 8 participants will be offered a position at AgentLocator after they successfully finish all its modules.

START DATE: November 1st 2021

What does it mean the program is FREE?

This program is worth €1250. However, AgentLocator is providing a fully paid scholarship to all eight selected participants of the program. This means that you won’t have to pay anything to attend the program. However, you will be required to attend ALL the lectures.

Who can apply for this program?

Anyone who wants to become a professional Quality Assurance Engineer. It’s desirable to have some basic
knowledge of computer science/IT/programming or a degree equivalent. High command of English is a must.

How intensive is this intensive program?

We cannot stress enough that the lectures and the homework assigned to you will require at least 8 hours
of your day. The lectures will be held every working day. In the beginning, you will spend the majority of
these 8 hours listening to the lectures. However, as we move towards the end of the program, you’ll spend less
time listening and more time doing practical work and your homework.

Where will the lectures take place?

If no new COVID measures are introduced until the program starts, the lectures will be held at our Sarajevo
office located at Maglajska 1 (2nd floor), next to the Slovenian consulate. If COVID measures shouldn’t
allow for in-person lessons, they will switch to an online delivery model.

How can I apply?

Please go to and fill out the short form.

Our HR Department will get in touch with you to schedule a time and date for a screening interview, after which you’ll know whether or not you have been accepted into the program. As we expect many applications to come in, please have patience, as it may take up to three weeks until you hear from us again.

What's AgentLocator

We are a Canadian-based company creating websites, advertising, and CRM solutions for real estate agents across the US and Canada. We’ve been successful on the market for more than 12 years. Our CEO, Ado Topuz, is of Bosnian origin. After successfully starting his business in Canada, he also decided to open up offices in Sarajevo.

We are a remote-friendly company, so a significant part of our workforces works from wherever they want to, as long as they honor deadlines. The most important part of our business is outstandingly investing in people so they learn, grow, and accelerate their careers within AgentLocator.


Who is Senad Kulo?

Senad is someone who started as a tinsmith and worked so many different jobs. Even he finds it hard to remember them all - builder, bookkeeper, waiter, prepress technician, he worked at a computer service and so on. He has now been working in Quality Assurance for more than ten years, for the most part in Authority Partners and AgentLocator. He has taught and prepared 30+ QA professionals and led teams of 60+ engineers. At AgentLocator, he created and mentored a team from scratch, which resulted in reliable, faster, more secure, and better quality test results and a shorter turnaround time.

An outstanding QA engineer by day, at night, he turns either into a dancer (Latino, classic, modern, made it, he can dance it) or into a tool restaurateur. So, you can find him either hitting the dancefloor or his workshop, where he’s building his own CNC machines or creating beautiful wooden furniture and decor. We are not joking, check out his Instagram account.

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