Full-Stack PHP Developer

Datum objave: 25.06.2021.

About the Role
This position will be for a junior full-stack PHP developer. The will be a full-time position (40 hours per week) that's best suited for someone who would like to take on a lot of responsibility and be a big part of a growing business. In this role you will be responsible for creating and managing our client sites.

What You'll Do:

- Working with our head of web dev to create awesome websites for companies in the property management industry.

- Be involved in creating new website templates for our clients.

- Write resilient code that will be continuously tested, deployed and performed at scale

- Contribute to the team's growth and scalability of website creation

This includes:
- Creating and maintaining customer websites
- Building frontend templates in HTML, Twig & other templating languages
- Building custom plugins in PHP
- Developing new features
- Fixing escalated bugs/issues

The ideal candidate has hands-on experience handling the development, staging and deployment of PHP-based sites with HTML/Tailwind front-ends.

Bonus points for experience/skills in:
- Symfony and Symfony-based CMSs
- Templating Languages (Blade, Handlebars, etc…)
- Tailwind CSS Framework

Benefits of This Position

Competitive pay (salary will be determined based off your previous work experience and capabilities)

- Paid time off (we provide time off for holidays)

- Remote Position

- Opportunity for growth (this is a fast-growing business and you will be one of the first team members of the web dev team)

- Freedom and Autonomy. No one is going to give you exact instructions or make you do it their way. With freedom comes a ton of ownership and responsibility

- Learn from head of web dev (he has nearly 20 years of experience)

- 8hrs/day is flexible - we're not interested in micro-managing. However, we expect all team members to pull their weight, contribute to the discussion and be respectful of how their work helps move everyone else forward. This means that while it's flexible if there is urgent development or work that needs to be done, we expect team members to assist as soon as possible.