Experienced PHP & WordPress Full Stack Developer

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Datum objave: 24.06.2021.

We're looking to partner with an experienced developer who will grow with the project from its current state and expand it into the world class security offering it can be.

We want a long-term relationship with someone who's good at what they do, has a positive attitude to work, good communication skills, can take on constructive feedback and give it, too.

Good time management skills and communication are critical to working within our team.

Required Skills

  • Very solid and proficient in PHP
  • Experienced with large PHP projects, navigating them and getting started in a project you've never seen before
  • Very good knowledge of Javascript and JQuery
  • Very good knowledge of UI/Dashboard building
  • Experienced with building APIs and API consumers
  • Fluent in English
  • Attention to detail

Your role will be to help build the vision we have for the product and hopefully, as you learn more of the project, start to add your vision to the project too.

This will involve:

  • backend PHP
  • frontend UI/UX design and implementation
  • API & API consumer building
  • building tests for the code
  • occassionally assisting the support team with technical queries.


The posted salary is for €2500/month full-time - that's 8hrs/day, 5 days per week.

This is the starting salary, which will grow as our platform grows and with your experience. With success for the project, everyone will benefit and we're happy to reward effort with increased salary over time.

8hrs/day is flexible - we're not interested in micro-managing. However, we expect all team members to pull their weight, contribute to discussion and be respectful of how their work helps move everyone else forward. This means that while it's flexible, if there is urgent development or work that needs to be done, we expect teams members to assist as soon as possible.

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