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Helpjuice Sarajevo (Remote / Office)

We’re like your small local bakery that you’ve been visiting since you were a kid, on the web. Well, not really.  

At your local small bakery, (we hope), they know your name & they have that one amazing pastry, which they’ve been improving for years. 

It’s delicious, amazing – some would say addicting (better watch your sugar levels), but, in the end… It's just a pastry.

Truth be told, we’re making that pastry, but on the web. 

We help companies share knowledge more effectively. We’ve been doing so for 11 years now. 

Every day, over half a million employees use our simple software,, to capture & share knowledge more effectively.  

What is Helpjuice?

We're a small software company of ~25 with people all around the world. Everyone wears multiple hats. It's a team of excellent people, who are all willing to help each other because it's the way we work / our culture. 

We care about our customers and are a very transparent company in how we build software (e.g.: our product roadmap is public & customer-driven)

A bit about us:

- We are a small remote international team of professionals who love to learn, and who seek to continually get better

- Our founder has a product/engineering/design background and launched Helpjuice when he was only 18 years old

- We let you work when you're cool with it, but we do expect you to be online somewhere around the timeline of:

 9am - 5pm NYC Time / EST 


 9am - 5pm Sarajevo Time / GMT+2


- Should be technical. You should be able to understand what an API is

- Want to work with a brilliant & capable team (on avg. we hire 1 out of 350 applicants from around the world)

- Be empathetic. Yes, customers will be angry, sad, happy, excited, but most of the time confused, and looking for an answer. You should use your Jedi Psychology power to make them always feel happy! :)

A bit about the role:

- Dealing with an influx of 50 WARM leads. This means helping every lead realize the true potential of Helpjuice

- Communicate with the Sales Director & CEO and provide weekly briefs and projections for each week. E.g.: I closed $X this week and will hit $y if a, b and c happens

- Helping clients love the product by educating them & understanding their needs.

- Handling support for current customers you onboard

- Personally follow up via call/email to help customers understand the value of Helpjuice, and how we differ from our competition

- Managing & Answering a daily support inbox of ~10-30 inquiries a day

- Being held accountable for making sure the customer's problems/pains are solved, and communicating problems to the Product Manager and Developers


If you are interested to join us, please answer the questions below as detailed as possible!