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In 2016, we noticed that there was a gap to be filled in the field of energy management software. Our parent company, Alfa Energy Group, wanted to provide tailormade software solutions to their clients, but what the clients needed wasn’t available on the market. So, Code Line Solutions was born. Having provided IT support to Alfa Energy Group for many years prior to the launch of the company, we have amassed the know-how to create energy solutions. Now, we are ready to share that knowledge through providing software development solutions to businesses.

Our software development team and our project managers are passionate about the work that they do and the energy expertise they can provide to our clients, which is why our goal is to not only deliver solutions to our clients, but to also empower the people within Code Line Solutions.

We’re not just colleagues, but a second family—and we love working together. Mutual respect and trust are the pillars of our team, which is why we’ve done away with set hours, overtime, and working on the weekends. If we don’t feel like coming to the office to work, we can work from home or the nearest coffee shop. After all, it’s the quality of work that matters, not where and in what time it’s done. Careers in IT don’t need to be rigid, and we don’t want them to be either.