First ProductTank Sarajevo


15.05.2019 17:30
May 15 is World Product Day and Sarajevo is joining 90+ cities across the world to celebrate all things product!

Since this is the first ProductTank Sarajevo ever, we are proudly announcing the upcoming season of inspiring, educational, experience-driven, fun and delightful speeches, workshops, and talk & play sessions.

ProductTank is a global network of meetups for product people, by product people, and provides an opportunity for Product Managers in Sarajevo to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.


Adi Behlulović is an intellectually curious, inquiring mind with a great passion for product management with special focus on startup projects. Adi is PSM, PSPO certified with a bachelor degree in Information Systems and Management. After obtaining degree he worked as a Software Developer for three years on dozens of different projects. He spent his free time reading about the agile and eventually got a job as a Scrum master, and an opportunity to get practical Agile knowledge. In the meantime, Adi started a couple of his own startup projects and got introduced to Lean startup methodology. Today, Adi is working at Ministry of Programming as a product manager for startup projects and enjoys reading and learning about the different range of topics such as Lean Startup, Customer Discovery, Hypothesis-Driven Development, etc.

Germán Distel is Product Manager at Azavista, where he is part of a team that is working on a new version of their event management technology. Taking on this challenge implies skills such as requirements engineering, market research, UX/UI design and the construction of high fidelity prototypes.
Germán graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and did his master studies in Organisational Psychology at the Universities of Barcelona and Bologna. He worked at Azavista’s headquarters in Amsterdam for some time before taking on the remote challenge. He currently resides in his hometown in Argentina and in his spare time he practices boxing, drinks beer with his friends and codes in Angular and Python.

This ProductTank event is free but limited - please register to reserve your spot:

Not to be missed!